• Fluke IB376K Wireless True-RMS AC/DC Clamp Meter (376 FC) with Insulated Hand Tools Starter Kit

The Fluke IB376K features the 376 FC True-RMS AC/DC Clamp Meter and Fluke's Insulated Hand Tools Starter Kit. The Wireless True-RMS AC/DC Clamp Meter with Fluke Connect Compatibility, 1000A AC/DC, 1000V AC/DC offers advanced troubleshooting performance. The iFlex flexible current probe allows easy connections to wires in tight spaces; it is also part of the Fluke Connect family of wireless test tools.

The Fluke Insulated Hand Tools Starter Kit with Five (5) Insulated Screwdrivers and Three (3) Insulated Pliers will always feel right. From the moment you first put these tools in your hand, you're ready to go to work. These screwdrivers give you maximum torque and a comfortable grip that reduces fatigue, while the pliers offer a smooth, solid motion, without a need for break-in. Take everything that makes Fluke test tools great, and put that into insulated hand tools. That's what you will have on your toolbelt.

Safety is critical when working with electricity. Follow the right procedures. Wear the proper clothes. Use eye and hearing protection. And make sure you use the right tools.

It is always best practice to work on deenergized equipment. But sometimes that is just not possible. Wiring changes made by someone else may provide an unplanned energy path to where you are working. You need to take every precaution you can. That means using high quality insulated hand tools.

Most hand tools have rubber or plastic on the handles. That's not the same as offering protection from electric shock, and limiting the possibility of arc faults due to short circuits. That is what makes insulated tools different.

Why Fluke Insulated Hand Tools?

Fluke is the world leader in handheld test tools. Everything that you know about Fluke multimeters, clamp meters and electrical test tools applies to our insulated hand tools--forged from German steel, these rugged hand tools are built to last a lifetime.

Product Features:

  • 376 FC Clamp Meter
  • Log and trend measurements to pinpoint intermittent faults
  • Transmit results wirelessly via Fluke Connect Measurements app
  • Create and send reports right from field
  • Capture measurements outside arc flash zone with Bluetooth connectivity to your Apple or Android devices
  • Connect your meter to your smartphone using Fluke Connect Measurements app to increase troubleshooting power of your clamp
  • Read measurements on your phone at safe distances, wearing less PPE
  • Record results directly to your phone and Fluke Cloud
  • Capture intermittent faults while performing other tasks using logging capabilities
  • Create and share reports from field via email, or converse in real time with ShareLive video calls
  • iFlex probe provides access to large conductors in tight spaces
  • TPAK magnetic hanging strap allows you to conveniently hang meter while using probes
  • Integrated VFD low pass filter for accurate motor drive measurements
  • Proprietary in-rush measurement technology to filter out noise and capture motor starting current exactly as circuit protection sees it
  • Safety ratings: CAT IV 600V, CAT III 1000V
  • 1000A AC and DC current measurement
  • 2500A AC current measurement (with iFlex flexible current probe)
  • 1000V AC and DC voltage measurement
  • True-RMS voltage and current for accurate measurements on non-linear signals
  • Frequency measurement to 500 Hz with body jaw and iFlex
  • Resistance measurement to 60kΩ with continuity detection
  • Min/Max/Avg and in-rush recording to capture variations automatically
  • 500mV DC measurement range to interface with other accessories
  • 1000 μF capacitance measurement
  • Battery type: 2 AA alkaline batteries, NEDA 15A, IEC LR6

Fluke Connect Mobile App:

  • AutoRecord measurements: Take measurements automatically and instantly save them to your phone; wirelessly save measurements to Fluke Cloud and add text or audio annotations
  • TrendIt graphs: Trend measurements from a single session in a time series graph
  • ShareLive video call: View live tool measurements, video and audio to collaborate in real time with your entire team, without leaving the field
  • Fluke Cloud storage: Securely store up to 5 GB of data securely, per user
  • Reports: Create reports with accurate and traceable maintenance data

Insulated Hand Tools Starter Kit

  • Designed to block potentially hazardous voltages from reaching you
  • Subjected to a 10,000 V dielectric strength test, protection protection works
  • Certified to 1,000 V ac and 1,500 V dc by VDE, (independent third-party lab)
  • Comply to international standards such as IEC 60900 and ASTM F1505
  • Critical part of NFPA 70E, which requires personal protective equipment and insulated tools rated for electrical installation
  • Critical protective component between you and unplanned incident

Insulated Screwdrivers

  • Ergonomic handle that adapts to user's hand, causes less strain and work fatigue and provides maximum torque
  • Full length, impact proof handle core is coated with soft-grip outer material, hanging hole for extra security, and anti-roll handle design
  • Slim insulated shaft allows access in hard-to-reach areas
  • Manufactured from CMV steel for superior durability

IPHS1 Phillips Screwdriver

  • Size: #1
  • Blade length: 3 in., 75 mm
  • Handle length: 3 11/16 in., 94 mm
  • Shaft diameter: 7/32 in., 5.5 mm

IPHS2 Phillips Screwdriver

  • Size: #2
  • Blade length: 4 in., 100 mm
  • Handle length: 4 3/16 in., 106 mm
  • Shaft diameter: 1/4 in., 6 mm

ISLS3 Slotted Screwdriver

  • Blade length: 3 in., 75 mm
  • Handle length: 3 3/8 in., 86 mm
  • Shaft diameter: 3/32 in., 2.5 mm

ISLS5 Slotted Screwdriver

  • Blade length: 4 in., 100 mm
  • Handle length: 3 11/16 in., 94 mm
  • Shaft diameter: 5/32 in., 4 mm

ISLS8 Slotted Screwdriver

  • Blade length: 5 in., 125 mm
  • Handle length: 4 3/16 in., 106 mm
  • Shaft diameter: 1/4 in., 6 mm

INCP8 Insulated Lineman's Combination Pliers

  • Nominal length: 8 in., 200 mm
  • Secure hold by aggressive serrated jaws and 4-point gripping hole
  • Slim shape for better access to wires in tight spaces
  • Powerful gripping jaw, yet very light

INDC8 Insulated High Leverage Diagonal Cutter

  • Nominal length: 8 in., 200 mm
  • Cuts hard materials including steel and piano wire
  • Power joint and precision cutting edges

INLP8 Insulated Long Nose Pliers

  • Nominal length: 8 in., 200 mm
  • Unique milled wave pattern gripping zones
  • 4 gripping points for pulling round objects with superior grip that will not slip
  • Straight, half-round, long and slim knurled jaws, specially profiled
  • Side cutting edge for wire cutting

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Fluke IB376K Wireless True-RMS AC/DC Clamp Meter (376 FC) with Insulated Hand Tools Starter Kit

  • Brand: Fluke
  • Product Code: IB376K
  • Availability: Pre-Order
  • Rp.12,500,000

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