• Powersight EFX6000 24" Long Wide Range Flexible Current Probe, 1 to 6000A

The PowerSight EFX6000 is a flexible AC current clamp that can be used to measure currents from 1 amp to 6000 Amps in 2 ranges, over a wide frequency range to 50 kHz. The flexible and lightweight measuring head allows quick and easy installation in hard to reach areas, around large conductors and where access to confined or tight spaces is a problem. The eFX6000 improves the performance of Rogowski-type current probes with the following benefits:

1) it operates over a wide range from low current to high current (1 - 6000 amps) in 2 user-selected ranges

2) is thinner (0.4") to allow easier access to conductors in tight and confined situations

3) offers excellent accuracy, 1% - 2% typical

Product Features:

  • Thin enough (0.4") to thread between tight conductors and long enough (24") to wrap around multiple conductors and bus bars.
  • Wide measurement range makes it the best single choice for a current probe: 1 - 6,000 amps AC.
  • Flexible rope-type technology allows use in tight spaces where clamp-ons cannot fit.
  • Lighter weight than clamp-on style probes.
  • No batteries or power supply are required. The probes are powered by the analyzer so there is no chance of a current probe dying while a power study is underway.
  • Dual range to provide the best accuracy and resolution.

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Powersight EFX6000 24" Long Wide Range Flexible Current Probe, 1 to 6000A

  • Rp.10,800,000

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