•  PCE-CMM 10 Gas Detector

The CO2 measuring device PCE-CMM 10 is a multi-function measuring device for measuring the air quality. This CO2 meter measures synchronously the CO2 concentration, the air temperature and the humidity. In addition, the CO2 meter has permanently programmed alarm limits. As soon as the currently measured CO2 measured value exceeds the alarm limit, the alarm is activated. The user is alerted to the CO2 meter by an audible and visual signal. 

Using the built-in USB interface, you can continuously charge the CO2 meter to your PC workstation, for example. Thanks to the small blue shape, you can optimally position the CO2 meter at your workplace. Due to the 3 inch display and the strong backlight, you can read the measured values ‚Äč‚Äčoptimally.

- CO2 measurement

- Battery operation

- Limit exceeded

- Backlight

- Air temperature

- Table housing

- Humidity

- Beep

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PCE-CMM 10 Gas Detector

  • Rp.6,000,000

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