•  PCE-GA 10 Gas detector

Gas detector PCE-GA 10 Gas leak detector for flammable gases / Optical, acoustic and haptic alarm / Battery operation / Simple LED display 

The gas leak detector PCE-GA 10 is used to check for leaks in gas pipes and connections. This gas leak detector is suitable for many flammable gases. The gas leak detector has 5 LEDs that inform the gas intensity. In addition to the visual information, the gas leak detector has an audible and haptic alarm. This means that, depending on the level, the gas leak detector emits an alarm tone and vibrates at the same time. 

The leak detector is therefore ideal for detecting sporadic gases. The gas leak detector is therefore of great help to employees who want to inspect plants during a plant tour or inspect engines, supply lines or gas lines. The gas leak detector is supplied with a rechargeable battery. The sensor of the gas leak detector has an average life of approx. 5 years and can be exchanged without any problems.

- LED display

- For flammable gases

- 400 mm / 15.7 in sensor

- Optical, acoustic and haptic alarm

- Fast response time

- Rechargeable battery

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PCE-GA 10 Gas detector

  • Rp.3,900,000

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