•  PCE-HAV 100 Accelerometer


Hand-Arm-Vibration Meter with Software / Triaxial sensor / ISO 8041: 2005 / 

Menu in many different languages / ISO 5349: 2001 / Long battery life /

Data storage / OLED 160 x 128 pixels

The accelerometer is a versatile vibration meter. The main feature of the accelerometer is the human vibration exposure assessment according to the ISO standards ISO 8041: 2005 and ISO 5349: 2001. Thus vibrations of tools of, for example, a jackhammer, impact drills, grinding machines or jigsaws can be determined and analyzed with the accelerometer .

The battery of the accelerometer has a running time of approx. 10 hours. Also, the accelerometer has a memory. Due to the long running time of the battery and the memory, measurements can be carried out with the accelerometer over a working day. The measured values stored by the accelerometer can be transferred to a PC after the measuring process. The PC software then allows analysis of the data measured by the accelerometer .

- Hand-Arm vibration analysis

- Easy-to-use interface

- 10 hours of battery life

- General vibration measurement

- Hand-arm accelerometer included

- Data memory for later evaluations

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PCE-HAV 100 Accelerometer

  • Rp.77,000,000

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