• PCE-2550 Hardness Tester

Hardness tester PCE-2550 Portable metal hardness tester with integrated impact mechanism /  For metallic materials / Data download via USB / Measurement memory of up to 360000 points

Due to its compact design, the PCE-2550 metal hardness tester is very easy to use for incoming and outgoing inspection. Due to the adjustable hardness scales, the metal hardness tester PCE-2550 is versatile. The measuring range of the metal hardness tester PCE-2550 is sufficiently large for very soft, as well as for extremely hard surfaces. 

The measured values ​​can be stored in the PCE-2550 and later read out and processed via the available software. Up to 350 data groups can be stored in the metal hardness tester. The OLED display can also be read well in dark environments.

- Determines all common hardness parameters

- High precision

- Measurement possible in any position

- Refined charge-trigger mechanism

- Internal measured value memory

- Immediate display on a large OLED display

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PCE-2550 Hardness Tester

  • Rp.23,000,000

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