• PCE-2600N-ICA Portable Metal Hardness Tester with ISO Certificate

Portable Metal Hardness Tester with ISO Calibration Certificate PCE-2600N-ICA for measuring surface hardness / OLED / Compact design / Handheld measuring instrument/ Limit alarm / Measuring direction 360° 

The hardness tester is used wherever a fast hardness test has to be carried out. It is possible with the hardness tester to determine the surface hardness of many metals. The hardness tester is particularly suitable for quality or material inspection. The measured values can be stored in the internal memory and recalled later. Please note that the measured values can only be read from the hardness tester on the display and it does not offer any readout.

One-hand operation of the hardness tester allows for convenient use in different locations. Due to its construction, the hardness tester also offers the possibility to determine the surface hardness in bores or other depressions. The small design of the hardness tester contributes to the functionality as does the light OLED. The OLED from the hardness tester shows many functions so that the user directly recognizes which parameters are measured, which measuring direction is selected, and which hardness has been measured.

- Limit alarm

- Suitable for measurement in bores

- Surface measurement on many metals

- Internal memory for measurements

- Bright OLED

- Handheld measuring instrument

- Includes ISO calibration certificate

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PCE-2600N-ICA Portable Metal Hardness Tester with ISO Certificate

  • Brand: PCE Instruments
  • Product Code: PCE-2600N-ICA
  • Availability: Pre-Order
  • Rp.38,000,000

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