• PCE-430-EKIT Outdoor Sound Level Meter Kit

Professional outdoor sound level meter PCE-430 (class 1) incl. outdoor noise level meter kit

Handheld noise meter and real-time frequency analyzer / Octave band filter / Filter upgradeable / Fast, Slow and Pulse Evaluation / Data logger / USB

The Class 1 outdoor sound level meter PCE-430-EKIT meets all requirements for noise measurement and frequency analysis. This integrated precision pulse noise meter follows all valid standards and guidelines (Klasse 1 EN/IEC 61672, ANSI S1.4-1983, ANSI S1.43-1997 EN/IEC61260, etc.) The outdoor sound level meter PCE-430 has a very large illuminated display. The noise meter display adjusts the sound pressure level numerically and graphically in real time. The professional noise meter has an integrated data logger. The measurement data is stored on a micro SD card.

This card can be read directly in the PC. Likewise, the outdoor sound level meter can be connected to the PC via USB and the memory can be read out. The post-processing software from the noise meter allows convenient measurement data analysis. The typical applications for this instrument are the measurement of workplace noise, compliance, environmental noise detection, selection of hearing protector selection, selection of appropriate noise abatement measures and noise exposure estimation.


An additional kit for outdoor sound measurement PCE-4xx-EKIT can be combined with the sound level meters PCE-428, 430 or PCE-432. This kit makes it possible to measure the outdoor noise with a noise meter over a long period of time. The environmental noise monitoring system consists of a waterproof Peli carrying case with rollers. A charger and two additional lead gel batteries are installed in this case, which allows an operation of the sound monitor for up to 10 days. During the outdoor sound measurement, the case may remain closed. Due to the external connections for the microphone and the power supply all electronic components are protected from water.

The delivery scope of the outdoor sound monitor includes rain and wind protection as well as a wire mesh for the microphone. Also, a tripod is available with which the microphone can be placed outdoors. Also, the charger in the measuring kit PCE-4xx-EKIT is waterproof. So, the charger may also remain outdoors. The outdoor noise meter can be used, for example, for the sound measurement of road noise, aircraft and train noise, event noise, etc. The weather does not matter, hail, snow and rain are no problem for the kit for outdoor noise. If the PCE-432 noise meter is combined with this measuring kit, it is even possible that the exact location of the sound level metering around the outside area is assigned via the GPS receiver.

The pulse function of the PCE-430 allows you to record short-term sound events. Thanks to the integrated octave band function even the smallest differences in the frequency band can be detected. The frequency filter can be optionally upgraded. The measuring range of this professional sound level meter ranges from 22 ... 136 db (A) at a frequency of 3 Hz ... 20 kHz.

- 1/1 octave band included

- 1/3 octave band optional

- Accuracy class 1

- A, B, C & Z frequency rating

- Fast, Slow, Pulse and Peak time weighting

- Statistics function

- Display of the sound profile as a graph

- 3 measuring profiles adjustable

- Low inherent noise

- ICCP microphone 40 mV /PA

- Alarm level adjustable

- Incl. ISO calibration certificate

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PCE-430-EKIT Outdoor Sound Level Meter Kit

  • Brand: PCE Instruments
  • Product Code: PCE-430-EKIT
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  • Rp.130,000,000

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